Doctor Who Series 5 Box Set

After being sick for a few days (and playing StarCraft II)  I have a bunch of posts to catch up on.

The first of these is the announcement of the box set for series 5 of Doctor Who on both DVD and Blu-ray. Set to be released in America on November 9th and will feature some really cool extras.

Aside from the usual outtakes real, and cut down versions of the behind the scenes series Doctor Who Confidential, the new set will also include additional scenes written by showrunner Steven Moffat. These new scenes are telling the story of what happened in the TARDIS between the episodes of series 5. Although that sounds a little bit dirty to me (come on, the Doctor and Amy Pond alone in the TARDIS?) I’m sure Moffat has come up with some special treats just in time for christmas.

And speaking of the holidays….filming is going on right now for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

From Tardis Base and The Doctor Who News Page.

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