Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation

In celebration of the film’s imminent release a short Scott Pilgrim animation will be broadcast on Adult Swim on August 12th. The work will be a four-minute short about Scott Pilgrim’s high school life and the formation of the Sex Bob-omb band with Kim Pine. It will air during the commercial breaks between a 12-12:30 PM block on Adult Swim and will available online at and the Scott Pilgrim facebook page August 13th which is the film’s release date.

Actors in the film version will be appearing in the animation as well — Michael Cera and Allison Pill are of course playing Scott Pilgrim and Kim Pine; Mae Whitman and Jason Schwartzman, who play Roxy Richter and Gideon Gordon Graves in the film, will play Lisa Miller and Simon Lee in the animation.

I wish it was a little longer than four minutes, but the most important fact here is that Lisa Miller’s character, who does not appear in the movie, will be present in the animation. This is very cool. I will try to find some clips of the animation to post here later. Another few images from it are included below.

From io9 and /film.


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