Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Trailer Released

Airs on October 1st in Japan. The show will be 26 episodes long but each ‘episode’ is actually just 12 minutes long and will be aired two at a time over 13 weeks. Here are the first few episode titles as well as the staff list for each.

Episode 1: Ruthless Elimination
People are being eaten by a Ghost while in the bathroom. Panty & Stocking have to go into the nasty Daten City sewers to find this Ghost and destroy it.
Director, storyboard, script: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Animation direction: Nishigori Atsushi

Episode 2: Death Race 2010
Panty & Stocking have to fight against a gang of cycling Ghosts in a race of death.
Director, script: Masahiko Ootsuka
Storyboard: Hiroyuki Imaishi
Animation director: Sushio

Episode 3: The Bees’ Buzz
Panty & Stocking infiltrate a school to discover the secret of the disappearing students.
Director: Hiroaki Tomita
Storyboard: Atsushi Nishigori
Script: Hiromi Wakabayashi
Animation direction: Hirokazu Kojima

Episode 4: Sex and Daten City
Panty & Stocking are invited by a movie director to star in a movie about their Ghost-killing adventures.
Director, storyboard: Saeko Hiroshi
Script: Hiromi Wakabayashi
Animation direction: Shouko Nakamura

Also, to help advertise for the series, director Hiroyuki Imaishi has been writing special one-page comics that have been published in recent issues of Japan’s Newtype anime magazine. Courtesy of 4chan, here is a more-or-less translated version of the latest comic included in this month’s issue. This series looks absolutely magical.


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