The Walking Dead Episode Titles & Comic Promotions

Robert Kirkman has begun advertising a new story arc in his comic The Walking Dead. The new lives that Rick and the gang have found themselves in ‘the community’ might be coming to a boiling point.

The “No Way Out” arc begins in issue 80 this December.

In other news, The Walking Dead series on AMC continues to shamble towards its October 31st release date. Here are the newly released episode titles of the 6-episode first season:

Episode 1: Pilot
Episode 2: Dead Man’s Identity
Episode 3: Fresh Meat
Episode 4: Cold Blood
Episode 5: Highway to Hell
Episode 6: Unhappy Ending

A season comprised of only six episodes may seem really short to American audiences but its the standard length of a series for England and allows for a higher budget as well as more focused writing and pacing. In most cases at least.

A few new teasers for the television series have been floating around the net as well but they seem to be mainly just clips from the longer promotional video I posted here a month back or so. I’ll post more trailers later if I find some with different footage.

Another promotional poster for the new arc in The Walking Dead comic is included below.

From those we left behind.


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