New Berserk Anime Project Announced

This week saw the release of the 35th volume of Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy manga Berserk and with it the announcement of a new anime project.

This is absolutely amazing and unprecedented news. Kentaro Miura’s manga has been running in Hakusensha’s Young Animal manga magazine since 1989 and the original Berserk animation was a 25 episode television series which aired from 1997 to 1998.

Although no details about the project have been revealed yet, a new series of television advertisments promoting the 35th volume of the series will be airing from September 29th to October 3rd.

These advertisments, as well as a special online version, will all feature narration by Gackt, who is a well-known singer and actor in Japan as well as a fan of Berserk.

In anticipation for the new revival of the Berserk anime, Hakusensha has re-launched the official website as well as starting up an official Twitter for the series.

For me, this is the biggest event in anime since 2006 when the Rebuild of Evangelion film series was announced. At the moment I am hoping that this new project will take the shape of a full OVA series that will do justice to the original work as Studio Madhouse has done with its Hellsing Ultimate OVA series.

It should also be noted that Dark Horse is releasing the english edition of the 34th volume of the manga this month, Be sure to pick it up!

Cover image for volume 35 with the new anime announcement

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