Berserk Promotional Video #1 (Updated)

The first in a series of promotional videos for Berserk volume 35 has just been shown on Japanese television a few hours ago.

Although I haven’t been able to find a version of the advertisement that I can post here yet, I did manage to find a few screencaps from the short video.  As was announced before, it features a narration by Japanese musician Gackt.

Update #1: Found and added the video.

Update #2: After watching the small amount of footage included in the trailer it seems that the art style bears a striking resemblance to the infamous ‘leaked images’ of a supposed Berserk anime that appeared fall 2009. The images were apparently from an employee of STUDIO4℃ which was apparently producing the project.

After no official announcement of a project was given, the images were deemed as either elaborate fakes or images of a cancelled production. However, with the official news this week it seems that this project may have indeed been cooking for a long time and the images leaked last year were indeed official.

Interestingly, the scenes in the new promotional video are from three different arcs of the manga and the final scene of Guts and Griffith dueling in the snow is a scene that was previously animated in the original Berserk television series from 1997. Due to a lack of information from publisher Hakusensha it is unclear whether the ‘animation project’ is just simply this series of promotional videos for the manga or a preview of a much larger more elaborate project such as a new television or OVA series.

All we can do now is wait for more information to appear in the next issue of Young Animal which will also be featuring the newest chapter of the manga series as well, returning from a recent hiatus.

Ain’t it Cool News has a fantastic report on the story here. You can also follow the discussion over at

This seems to be the rest of the scene previewed in the first trailer


One thought on “Berserk Promotional Video #1 (Updated)

  1. HELL YEAH! I can’t wait!!! it looks so good, if this doesn’t come out I’ll tear my own eyeballs out and throw them at Studio 4 and be like “Well apparently I don’t need these anymore, thanks a lot asshole.”

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