Weekly Hirasawa 11

This time on Not-So-Weekly Hirasawa…. K-ON! meets Susumu Hirasawa! I already posted the K-ON! version of P-Model’s song Speed Tube a few months ago but now I’ve found a few more videos from the same author that are also quite remarkable. The above video is the K-ON! version of a live performance of Hirasawa’s remixed Solar Ray song. Below I’m also including the K-ON! versions of Luuktung or Die, Big Brother, and Ashura Clock.

In other news, Hirasawa has a new album coming out. Entitled Hen-gen-jizai it is the second part of his Kagenshugi 8760 Hours remix project. The idea behind the project was to put out two remix albums featuring songs that woud be voted on by the fans and ultimately picked by Hirasawa to be remixed in celebration of the 30th anniversary of P-MODEL and the 20th anniversary of his solo career. The catch was that all of the songs would have to be remixed under 8760 hours. Hirasawa actually didn’t make the deadline — which is why this newest album only features 7 out of the intended 10 remixed trackes.

Cover of Hen-gen-jizai

Hirasawa has opened a special page celebrating the release of the new album here. It also include a full MP3 of one of the newly mixed songs. hen-gen-jizai was available for order in Japan on November 10th and the album should be made available for international orders soon from Teslakite.

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