Full Metal Alchemist 2011 Movie Teaser

Earlier today, animation studio Bones released their first teaser trailer for the upcoming Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood film entitled Full Metal Alchemist: Milos o Sei-Naru Hoshi. The film is set to open in Japan in 2011 and on November 22nd — the same day that the 27th and final manga volume goes on sale.

It is interesting to see that although the film is apparently still part of the recent Brotherhood television adaptation that ended this past summer, the staff of the film apart from the voice actors, is entirely different than the staff on the recent television series. The art style in the teaser is similar to that in Brotherhood but the overall design looks quite different from Brotherhood and perhaps bears more resemblance to the earlier 2003 television series. Either way, this looks like a terrific adaptation of author Hiromu Arakawa’s original manga designs.

Personally, I was hoping to see a sequel film which takes place after the manga and Brotherhood’s ending but I guess a new story featuring the characters in their classic designs is a more exciting prospect.


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