The Dreaming Machine Resumes Production

Production on Satoshi Kon’s final film The Dreaming Machine has just resumed. Studio Madhouse made the announcement earlier last friday that character designer Yoshimi Itazu would now be the film’s ‘acting director’.

Kon expressed his concern over the fate of his film’s production to Masao Murayama, Madhouse’s founder, to which Murayama responded that he had nothing to worry about and that they would do everything they could to complete The Dreaming Machine.

On his official website, Susumu Hirasawa has also announced that he will be composing the soundtrack to The Dreaming Machine at the request of Madhouse.

As excited as I was to see this film and how happy I am to hear that Hirasawa will be composing the soundtrack, Satoshi Kon’s passing in August was tragic and a devastating blow to the animation industry. What was to be an exciting new work by an amazing artist has now become a somber last glimpse into an incredible imagination.  

From ANN.

3 thoughts on “The Dreaming Machine Resumes Production

    • Hirasawa has been working on the OST but nothing has been said about how close Madhouse is to completing the film. With Kon’s passing I would imagine that continuing work on the film has been very difficult…so I don’t expect a release for at least another year or two. That’s just my own opinion though.

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