FLCL Blu-ray Box Cover

Here we have the box art for Funimation’s upcoming re-release of Studio Gainax’s FLCL on Blu-ray and DVD.

Due out on February 22nd, Funimation actually outdid themselves on putting together a rather snazzy cover for the series.  The box art for their home video release of Summer Wars isn’t bad either although they went for a shot of the characters in their computer avatar forms rather than the nice poster character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto did for the Japanese release (who also designed the characters for FLCL as well as drawing the art in the image above).

This is a nice change at least from the atrocious image Funimation picked to use as their cover art for their Blu-ray release of Evangelion 1.11 last year. I wonder how they’ll do on their upcoming release of the sequel 2.22?


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