Legendary’s Godzilla Remake Gets a Director

Gareth Edwards has been picked up by Legendary Pictures to direct its upcoming Godzilla film which itself will be a co-production with Warner Bros. This is a huge deal as Legendary has opted to go for director who is extremely new on the scene rather than a ‘safer’ bet with a big name director. Gareth Edwards previously directed and produced Monsters which was self-financed on a low six-figure budget — an incredible achievement for an independent giant monster film. The budget for the upcoming Godzilla film has not yet been announced but after the stellar failure of 1998’s Godzilla movie helmed by Independence Day’s Roland Emmerich, Legendary Pictures is going in the complete opposite direction of Columbia Tristar in their handling of the reboot — which is a very, very good sign.

Monsters arrives on home video on February 1st and although I have yet to see it, the film obviously impressed the executives at Legendary Pictures enough to land Edwards in the director’s chair for Godzilla. To me this seems like a daring and very promising choice by Legendary and I get the feeling that we are in store for a Godzilla film the likes of which we have never seen before.

From AICN.


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