Tetsuya Nishio’s Favorite Opening Sequences

Tetsuya Nishio has been a key animator in a number of really exciting projects such as Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion 2.0, FLCL, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Eureka Seven, and Millenium Actress — and that’s just to name a few. A few days ago Nishio posted a list of his favorite opening films from various anime over the years that he can constantly return to and watch again. I’ll be posting videos below for as many of the 18 different openings that Nishio lists.

For a full list of the work that Nishio has done please head here.

I sadly couldn’t find the video for the Dangaioh opening theme ‘Cross Fight!’. If there are any other errors in the above list, please comment below.


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