Doctor Who Comic Relief Special Announced (Updated)

With the 6th series of Doctor Who looming over the horizon, the BBC announced that there will be a special 6-minute mini-episode aired during the Comic Relief special on British television later this month.

The story is top-secret but involves another TARDIS materializing inside the regular TARDIS and the appearance of another Amy Pond. Sounds great to me!

The official start date for Series 6 has still yet to be announced but is expected sometime in late April. The Doctor Who Comic Relief Special airs on Friday March 18th at 7PM on BBC1. No word yet on an American broadcast of the special.

Update: SFX Magazine has some information from Steven Moffat himself about the upcoming special.

“It’s not a spoof. It’s in the style of the ones that we’ve done for Children In Need, so it’s taken seriously as a proper bit of Doctor Who – funny, but not a sketch. A little miniature story.

“There’s a moment with two Amy Ponds in it. If you’re a red-blooded male surely that’s enough! You’ve got Amy Pond flirting with herself.

“I think they’re really good, really very funny. It’s Matt, Karen and Arthur, and there isn’t a guest character. It’s just the three of them. A moment of life aboard the TARDIS. But obviously life about the TARDIS instantly gets you into terrible jeopardy, and all of causality is threatened.”

Source: Doctor Who TV.


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