Hellsing OVA 8 Release Date Announced (Updated)

The most recent issue of Young King OURS magazine has revealed that the 8th episode of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA series will be released on June 22nd. This is the first episode of the ‘final season’ of the OVA series which includes episodes 8 through 10. It is unclear whether or not these last few episodes will also cover Kouta Hirano’s prequel manga Hellsing The Dawn or not.

The 7th episode of the series was released back in December 2009. It’s been a long wait.

From Moetron.


Update on 6/21/11: The upcoming 8th episode of the OVA series has been delayed again. The new release date is now July 27th. It has also been announced that there will be a bonus ‘petit anime’ extra; meaning that there will be a short bonus animation featuring ‘chibi’ versions of the primary characters.

I am also included the newly released cover images for the normal and collector’s editions of episode VIII below.

43 thoughts on “Hellsing OVA 8 Release Date Announced (Updated)

  1. Hellsing used to be a great series until they make their entire fan base wait years to see the next installment. Losing interest more and more. Complete disrespect to loyal fans who purchase the collections. /fail

    • You DO know that it’s because Geneon went bankrupt and nobody was taking up the copyrights, right? :/ Funimation finally decided to finish OVA 8, which is why it was taking so long.
      /you fail

      • Although the American branch of Geneon went under the company is still present in Japan. Funimation has no other role in the series aside from being the North American License holders for the series. They have no part in the production of the episodes. Also, when the hell are they going to release episodes V-VII here? Funimation announced a few years ago that they had plans to release them but there has been no word since.


  2. I am still a huge fan . I agree waiting so long between episodes sucks but I am still a fan and cant wait until june now.

  3. I only started watching this last year when some friends told us about it. We have watched the original Hellsing anime and have been waiting with hearts racing for OVA Episode 8. I so hope this is the correct date…so excited!

  4. Its been a long wait indeed. But, better late then never!

    If ur not a fan anymore then dont watch it.

    Till now, every episode has made up for its long wait.

  5. Argh! For the love of…Why is it delayed AGAIN?! I’m fine with a delay or two, especially since Anderson’s voice actor died, but damn! It’s been a year and half. We were so close to having it…sooooo cloooose! I’m going to die a bit inside if it’s pushed back again :C

  6. Complete BS… I was happy that the 22nd was finally here… and then when I go to hunt for the OVA 8.. I find NOTHING!!!! NOTHING!!!! NOTHING!!!! Come back here and find out that it’s been delayed AGAIN… I don’t know whether or not to be angry or upset.
    22nd has been and gone… praying that the next date mentioned isn’t going to come up empty. Even though I’m thinking about just scrapping the series.. I know I can’t bring myself to seriously do it… Addicted to Hellsing much? lol

  7. Guys, the show rocked but I think OVA 8 is toast. From what my freinds had told me, the earthquakes hit the building they were working on it in and the show as well as some of the wrighters may have gotten killed. I dont know if they are going to follow through. However, I may be wrong. If the June 22nd release date was posted after the quakes, then there still may be hope. However, the fact that it didn’t arive yesterday may suggest another delay, if not a permanent halt to the series and its fan base.

  8. ALSO! If you’re a diehard fan of HEllsing and you want to see something a little new. Youtube *TFS* Hellsing Abridge. Itz Nize! Its funny and keeps that badass feel we all love.

  9. I think it deleted my first post. ANYWAY! The earthquakes in japan may or may not have hit the building their staff was working in and may or may not have caused,not only, the deaths of the Geneon lead and staff, but the series as well. NOTE this is only speculation. At the time of the event, the lead WAS on a list of missing individuals and nothing has been talked about since AS FAR AS I KNOW. However, I don’t watch much news and do not know the date the earthquake occured. If it was before the June 22nd post and if any posts have been sent by Geneon staff to the public after the earthquake, then we might be safe and this is just another example of their laziness and or lack of funds or some shit. [breathing heavily from rant]

  10. I did some diving in the past few minutes and realized we might be idiots. The most recent release date is scheduled for the 27th of July. If this is true, its going to be about as grueling a wait as the one for the new Duke Nukem game. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll manage, but waiting for this anime giant to stager into the internet is a serious load of bollucks. It may be like the original series and their scrapping the storylines for the next few episodes and completely rewriteing them four billion times. Geneon is famouse for spending time fapping when they could be hitting the nale on the nocker and finishing the job. Anyway, i’ve only got internet for like a few more days, so plz try and message my gamer tag on xbox live (dan401k). I want details. Stay thirsty my friends.

    • Dan401k… you do realize that you can use the same internet the XBOX is using on your computer and/or laptop right?

      That really confused me…

      • not when im staying at a relatives for the summer and there is only one ethernet port in the whole house. its an old xbox, like predating red ring of death…i think its time to upgrade.

  11. FFS dudes, chill out! it’ll be realeased soon enough(27th July)… you better think about the next 2 when they’ll come out 🙂

  12. I can’t wait, one day to go
    it’s about bloody time though. I was so happy when the 22nd came, I looked and looked, and what did I find, nada.
    I was soooo upset and grouched for like five days. Then I found a new trailer and it said like the 27th. so Im hopingi that it will finally make an appearance.

    Did any one actually like the Hellsing anime (not the hellsing ova, but the origional). I personally hated it, the voices where hopeless and the pictures were average. The only thing I liked sorta about it was Alucards awesome voice.

  13. Where/how are people in the US going to see OVA 8? The only place I’ve seen it listed is amazon japan….

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    • Funimation, I believe, holds the rights for the Hellsing OVA series here in the states. That said, episode 4 of the OVA series released here by Geneon back in 2009 remains the most recent release for the series stateside.

      Essentially, buying it from amazon.jp (or your favorite importer of choice) is the only legal way of viewing OVA 8 here in the states at the moment. I know there are plenty of illegal ways to view the episode online (once it eventually gets ripped by someone) and as nice as that is to see the episode as soon as possible it doesn’t show the animators how much we appreciate them taking the time to draw all those awesome scenes of Alucard killing vatican soldiers and vampire Nazi’s.

      Buying it off amazon.jp is the best way to get the episode right now but whatever you end up doing I would get in contact with Funimation either through emailing them or by writing on their facebook page and letting them know how much they need to at least say something about the status of their Hellsing license.

      I mean, at this point we are actually four whole episodes behind the Japanese releases. Which is seriously inexcusable seeing how far apart the Japanese releases are spaced and how popular this series is in the west as well as Japan.

  14. I still can’t find it,
    I will be so angry if it hasn’t come out yet, I really will.
    Does anyone know any good sites to watch Hellsing ova 8
    😦 this is really anoying!!

  15. Alexandra – it comes out tomorrow.

    Julien – given the situation, I am guessing most of us will be watching it from a non-original dvd. Given that, is it the torrent sites that will have it first? I’m expecting someone over in japan to rip it pretty quickly.

  16. When can we watch it on a site for free
    I’m not allowed to buy it, i just watch all anime on the computer
    Do u hav any sites
    btw, thankzz Will

  17. AH – I don’t really know the streaming world nor how it works (sorry)

    All – the OVA Countdown Timer Widget – it is a widget counting down to the release (2+ hours) the funny thing is it currently says OVA VII nor OVAVIII

    I’m guessing it may be changed soon (but with two hours left for the app maybe not)

  18. Mmmm, year agreed.
    R u sure it is going to come out
    I mean There might actually not be a Hellsing OVA VIII
    Its possible, but it can’t just end like it did in Vii
    what do reakon ‘s gonna happen
    oh and I’ll ask u all again
    do u pplzz know any sites to watch Hellsing OVA Viii?
    caus I dont want to watch it on Youtube, if it ever gets put up on there any way!!
    that is

  19. Bwahhhhh! From what I’m reading here it’s actually out! Is it good?! I hope it’s good. It’s gotta be good! To the internet I go!!! Until they let me buy all the series in Canada, it’s my only choice.

  20. It’s officially out today. Check Cdjapan, they started shipping on the 27th. All we have to do is wait for the RAW to be ripped and watch it like that or wait months for someone to fansub it. either way we are gonna be waiting for a bit more. it’s reassuring knowing it’s officially on the market somewhere and actual carbon copies are floating everywhere. I’ll be dl-ing the RAW on tokyotosho as soon as it’s ripped!

  21. Oh finally, finally, finally
    cause it’s just taken sooooo long
    It better be fan subbed soon
    Can someone tell me when it happens
    woo hoo
    I’ve been watching 1-7 over and over for ages now, I cant beleive it, but it was getting a little annoying

  22. so any word on 10 yet? can’t find anything on the net. AH a good streaming site i found was animefreak.tv

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