New Doctor Who Series 6 Teaser

A new teaser trailer for the premiere episode of Series 6 entitled ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ has been shown on BBC1. Although the advert itself is quite short and provides very little new information about the story what makes this teaser interesting is that the same advert was shown on BBC2 but it features something new standing behind the Doctor in his reflection:

The creature behind him is most likely The Silence and is the primary monster of the opening two-parter. A short prequel mini-episode to the opening story as well as a longer ‘coming soon’ trailer is expected by early next week.

From Doctor Who TV.

One thought on “New Doctor Who Series 6 Teaser

  1. That was the shortest teaser Ive ever seen. Honestly, there was NOTHING in it. Still excited tho.
    PS, I found you by tag surfing Doctor Who. Nice to meet you *waves*

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