New Evangelion Artbook and Eyeglasses

While production continues on the Evangelion 3.0 film Studio Khara and Gainax are releasing some interesting items to tide the fans over.

Up top is the advertisement for a new line of Evangelion eyeglasses that are being released by JINS. JINS has also released a line of One Piece eyewear in the past and this new Evangelion-themed line actually seem quite cool. Here is a link to the official page of the project that also shows some images of the glasses themselves. There is a specific glasses style for each of the pilots and unless my eyes decieve me that nice advertisement image was drawn by FLCL/Evangelion director and animator Kazuya Tsurumaki.

A new volume in the Groundwork of Evangelion art book series has also been announced. Over the past eight years or so Gainax has been releasing a series of artbooks that reprint selected key animation frames from some of their most popular productions. This new Groundwork volume is centered around Evangelion 2.0. As opposed to the previous Groundwork of Evangelion 1.0 this new collection is being split into two books, the first of which will be released this May. The second volume is planned to be published later during the summer. There is a site up for the new art book on the EVA Store here.

Also, just as a reminder, Evangelion 2.22 is out today on Blu-ray and DVD here in America courtesy of Funimation. Pick it up!


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