New Berserk Film Project Information (Updated)

Some images from the July 8th issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine have popped up online revealing new information about the previously announced Berserk animation project.

The project will begin with the release of the first theatrical film in January 2012 which will cover at least a portion of the Golden Age arc. It’s also now been confirmed that animation production will indeed be handled by Studio 4°C. The director has been revealed to be Toshiyuki Kubooka, who is known for his work on the Lunar video games as well as having been a chief animation director on Gunbuster as well as Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket and has worked on many other projects including Giant Robo and the current Idolm@aster television series.

Film distribution is being handled by Warner Bros. Japan which goes along with the Berserk Project’s statement of aiming for an international release back in January.

As always, every fan of Berserk should head on over and join the message board. It’s not only the best english-language message board for discussing Berserk but also the place to be to keep up with all the latest news and manga episodes.

Update 7/7/11: The official title of the upcoming film will be Berserk – Golden Age I – The Egg of the Conqueror. The official site for the film series has gone live here but doesn’t officially open until July 15th; hopefully then including a banner image and perhaps the teaser trailer which is about to start showing in Japanese theaters later this month.

Despite currently lacking content, the official site does offer a link to a new twitter feed. It’s a roleplay twitter being written by ‘Clara de Porras’ who has been dispatched as the official communications officer of the Band of the Hawk.

Update on 7/10/11: I’ve found some better images of the article that I’m posting as well as a new page that includes some images of Casca from the upcoming animation project. All the new images are from Evil Genius Scanlations.

Currently the voice acting cast and Susumu Hirasawa’s involvement in the project as the soundtrack composer are as of yet unconfirmed. Check back here on July 15th for more information!

The image below state that apart from the official website of the Berserk film project opening on July 15th it seems  that the prototype model for a Guts figma will be shown at this year’s Kaiyodo Wonder Festival.


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