Berserk’s Golden Age Arc to be Anime Trilogy

Clara de Porras

The Berserk Film Project’s official twitter personality Clara de Porras posted her personalized twitter icon drawn by the original author of the series Kentaro Miura.  Clara de Porras is a new character not present in the original manga who is intended to be the Band of the Hawk’s head of public relations and the public face of the Berserk Film Project’s promotional campaign. Clara also revealed that the upcoming Berserk Golden Age Arc I: Egg of the Supreme Ruler movie that will premiere in Japanese theaters in January 2012 will be followed by two more subsequent films covering the rest of the story present in Berserk’s Golden Age Arc.

From Comic Natalie.

Again, the official website for the series is set to go live on July 15th so expect to see more developments posted here on Teatime as information becomes available.



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