Daicon Film’s ‘Negiman’

Prior to establishing animation studio GAINAX, the founding members of the legendary anime studio originally belonged to a studio named Daicon Films. Daicon Films primarily produced independently funded live-action films (such as a young Hideaki Anno’s Ultraman fan film) but they also produced the amazing Daicon III and Daicon IV opening animation videos.

Now, at a Japanese independent film festival located in Tottori, one of the original directors of Daicon Film, Takami Akai, will be releasing his newest live-action tokusatsu short film. Entitled Negiman, the film focuses on a 40 meter/8,800 ton giant welsh onion that suddenly appears in Japan. It is currently uncertain whether or not Negiman is a hero or villain but being an onion, it will be difficult to communicate to him. From the promotional images it seems that a Japanese school girl will naturally be up to the task of understanding this strange being.

Takami Akai was a classmate of Hideaki Anno’s and Hiroyuki Yamaga’s (director of The Wings of Honneamise) at the Osaka University of Arts and later became a co-founder of GAINAX as well. This will be his first film since 1984’s The Return of Yamatano-Orochi which was also Daicon Film’s last movie.

Negiman will first be screened exculsively at the Yonago Eiga Jihen film festival later this September and then be made available online. I’m including a few promotional videos below as well as some images. You can find more information and pictures at the original two posts pertaining to Negiman on Crunchyroll News here and here. The official Japanese website for the film can be found here.


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