New Hunter x Hunter Anime Series Announced (Updated)

Rumours pertaining to a new adaptation of Yoshihiro Togashi’s Hunter x Hunter manga series which have been circulating around the internet for the past few weeks or so have just been confirmed with a recently launched promotional campaign.

The newly green-lit anime series will air on Japanese television in the fall. More information about the new television series will appear alongside the return of the manga itself to the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine later in August.

Seeing as that the previous OVA and television adaptations of the series were extremely faithful to the original manga I’d say that this new series will probably be animating the current Chimera Ant arc of the manga; a story line that may be nearing its conclusion in light of this new anime announcement.

The last anime adaptation of Hunter x Hunter was the GI Final OVA series released in 2004 which concluded the Greed Island story arc ending at volume 18 of the manga. The 29th manga volume is scheduled to be published on August 4th in Japan.

Update 8/2/11: It has been officially announced that Madhouse will be handling animation production on the new Hunter x Hunter series which itself will be a complete remake of the manga from the first chapter on. The first episode will premiere on October 2nd at 10:55 AM and will be directed by Hiroshi Koujina who recently directed the Rainbow television series for Madhouse. The image below is the banner announcement image for the new series.

I’ll make another post later on as the first promotional art for the series becomes available.

4 thoughts on “New Hunter x Hunter Anime Series Announced (Updated)

  1. This anime/manga is a masterpiece of our time! so glad that they are turning the Chimera Ant Arc into anime! Can’t wait to see it.

    • Well from what I hear, it’s just being remade, I don’t think the chimera ant arc is the first thing they’re doing. It’s starting from the beginning.

  2. The original anime was pretty good, I can’t wait to see it again. Its been a long time since I saw the original so I should definitely enjoy it!

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