New Dragon Ball TV Series Announced

V-Jump Calender Image for 'Revival of F'

V-Jump calendar image for the recent ‘Revival of F’ feature film.

For the first time in 18 years, the Dragon Ball franchise will be returning to television. First announced in April, Dragon Ball Super is set to premiere in Japan this July. The series picks up after the defeat of Majin Buu and depicts the continuing trials of the Z-Fighters as they try to protect the earth. It isn’t clear if the new TV series takes place after the events of the Battle of Gods and Revival of F feature films but I’m going to take a guess that it will.

Since the ending of Dragon Ball GT in 1997, Dragon Ball has never really gone away. Video games, OVA’s, various re-releases of the series on DVD and Blu-ray, the junky Dragon Ball Kai tv series (a re-packaging of Dragon Ball Z which only real selling point was the removal of fillers and those long staring contests) the merchandising machine never slowed down for the franchise.

With Akira Toriyama returning to provide the story and character design for the recent feature films however, it feels like the series has truly returned with interesting new material. Toriyama will again be providing character designs as well as the overall story for Dragon Ball Super. The biggest question this raises for me is if this new series will go past the original ending of the manga and provide a new finale for the story while writing over Dragon Ball GT. Overall, I am very curious to see what Toriyama has in store for us.

In some other details for the new series, a manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super will begin serialization in V-Jump next month in Japan. The series will be drawn by Toyotaro (who has provided the art for several other Dragon Ball spin-off comics) and it will be written by Toriyama. This will give us our first look into the direction of the new series.

The opening theme will be titled “Chozetsu ☆ Dynamic!” and be performed by Kazuya Yoshii. Yoshii headlined a band called The Yellow Monkey, which performed the first Rurouni Kenshin ending theme back in 1996.

The ending theme is “Hello Hello Hello” and will be performed by the band Good Morning America. Not to be confused with the morning talk show we have stateside?

As of right now no other characters or voice actors have been announced for the series apart from Goku and his voice actress, Masako Nozawa.

Teatime will update accordingly whenever more information about Dragon Ball Super becomes available.


Advertisement for the Dragon Ball Super Manga. Goku’s design here is from the ‘Revival of F’ film and not what his design/outfit may be for the new TV series.

Sources: ShonenGameZ, Crunchyroll News, Saiyan Island.


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