Lego Dimensions and Doctor Who

Lego Dimensions PS4 Cover Art

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack PS4 Cover Art

Anyone who grew up with toys from various franchises or stories can tell you that a major part of the fun is when you get to create wild crossovers with characters who would never otherwise meet due to legal issues in the grown-up world. Spider-Man teaming up with Luke Skywalker? (More likely now that Marvel has the rights to Star Wars comics again) The Wing Gundam fighting Decepticons? The X-Files team solving mysteries with the T-Rex from Jurassic Park? Godzilla fighting hordes of the aliens from Alien? Now, a few of these might have been my own daydreams as a kid and every once in a while a comics publisher would create a strange crossover event, Such as the Superman vs. Aliens books. For a kid, there is no logical reason any of these stories shouldn’t crossover with each other at some point.

Getting something like that to happen outside of the toy box? Impossible.

Or, so it was, before The Lego Movie in early 2014. A key part of the film was to represent the play style of kids to sell more toys, so for the first time, we did see many different franchises meet together in the same story. It really doesn’t matter if Han Solo is a tiny¬†minifigure; he’s still talking to Batman. In a movie.

A little over a year later, in comes the announcement of Lego Dimensions. Dimensions is a video game developed by Traveller’s Tales and will be distributed by Warner Brothers on September 27th. What makes this game so different from all of the other Lego-themed games over the past decade or so? Dimensions takes the franchise crossover aspect of The Lego Movie and pushes it to the furthest extreme.

A mysterious villain is breaking into the different Lego worlds, which causes Wyldstyle (from The Lego Movie), Batman, and Gandalf to have to team up in order to track down and defeat the forces of evil. Of course, they will need help, as will the bad guy. From there, copyright agreements are the limit. Dimensions will be released simultaneously on the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and the WiiU in the form of a ‘starter pack’ that includes the game, a Lego set of the dimensional gateway itself, and minifigures of the three starting characters. From there, there are multiple expansion packs of different kinds that unlock new levels and characters for players to access in the game.

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack Details

Lego Dimensions Starter Pack Details

Level Packs will contain the minifigure of a particular character, a vehicle, and a new level to access in the game. Team Packs contain different assortments of characters, devices, and skills. Finally, Fun Packs contain a particular character and a device or vehicle. Each minifigure, vehicle, or device can be placed on the platform with the dimensional gateway to be activated in the game itself. These expansion packs each choose a particular franchise to focus on. Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo, The Wizard of Oz, and The Simpsons are all getting at least one ‘pack’. DC Comics will be getting multiple different packs featuring different characters, and there is at least one Jurassic World pack on the way as well.

This is all super cool, but what really got me excited was the accidental reveal from an upcoming instruction manual that there will be Level Packs for Doctor Who and Portal 2.

Portal 2 and Doctor Who Level Packs

Portal 2 and Doctor Who Level Packs

I will be purchasing these regardless of if I get the game or not. The Portal 2 pack contains Chell, a companion cube, and a turret as well as the ‘Aperture Science Facility Adventure’. The Doctor Who pack contains the current 12th Doctor portrayed by Peter Capaldi, K-9, and the TARDIS as well as a ‘Victorian London Adventure’. Both Doctor Who and Portal 2 were also ideas submitted to the Lego Cuusoo project. Cuusoo allowed people to build their own sets, have them voted on by the community, and get their ideas submitted to Lego with the chance of a real Lego set being made out of their project. Portal 2 sadly never made it through the process completely but the Doctor Who project did, so apart from the Lego Dimensions Level Pack, there will be a full ‘Doctor Who and companions set’. Lego Cuusoo has since become Lego Ideas, and is continuing to accept new projects.

Lego Doctor Who Announcement Image

Lego Doctor Who Announcement Image

Now, if Lego announces that their Bionicle series will be part of the Lego Dimensions game…that will make it very hard to resist. There is also no word yet on if any Marvel characters will be making an appearance. Since the game is distributed by Warner Brothers, I’m gonna bet that we won’t see Iron Man fighting the Joker anytime soon.

Also, there is currently no images of what the ‘Doctor Who and companions’ Lego Ideas set will look like but it has been set for release later this year.


Sources: Lego Dimensions Official Site, From Bricks to Bothans, BBC America

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