Godzilla in Hell

Godzilla in Hell #1 cover by James Stokoe

Godzilla in Hell #1 cover by James Stokoe

Starting this July, IDW will be publishing a five-issue miniseries that promises to be Godzilla’s wackiest adventure yet by sending him straight to hell. It isn’t clear how Godzilla ended up in hell, but all I can figure is that all of his years of city-stomping finally caught up with him. Each issue of the series will feature a different creative team; which I think is a cool way of handling the different environments and situations Godzilla could face in the underworld.

The first issue will be written and drawn by James Stokoe, who created the best Godzilla comic of all time in Godzilla: The Half-Century War. Stokoe’s art is incredible and based on the cover for the first issue, Godzilla is in for an interesting experience. Following issues will feature Bob Eggleton (who has been a fantastic Godzilla artist for many years) and Dave Wachter, who just finished up work on the Godzilla: Cataclysm miniseries.

The first issue will also ship with a variant cover spoofing the covers of the old EC Comics horror line from the 1950’s.

Bob Eggleton's cover for issue 2

Bob Eggleton’s cover for issue 2

Sources: IDW Comics

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