Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lego Set Titles Revealed

This will be an expensive droid

This will be an expensive droid

Hoth Bricks revealed earlier this week the names and prices for all the Episode VII Lego sets that will be hitting stores on September 4th. Here they are:

  • 75099 Rey’s Speeder – 193 pieces – £19.99, €29.99, $19.99
  • 75100 First Order Snowspeeder – 444 pieces – £39.99, €54.99, $39.99
  • 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter – 517 pieces – £59.99, €76.99, $69.99
  • 75102 Poe’s X-wing Starfighter – 717 pieces – £69.99, €99.99, $79.99
  • 75103 First Order Transporter – 792 pieces – £79.99, €114.99, $89.99
  • 75104 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle – 1004 pieces – £99.99, €129.99, $119.99
  • 75105 Millennium Falcon – 1332 pieces – £129.99, €164.99, $149.99

As the arrival of The Force Awakens draws near, action figures, models, comic books, and video games will start appearing all over the place. For those who are wary of spoilers before enjoying the new story of the movie, it will be a hazardous final few months before the film’s release on December 18th.

September 4th is a notable date not just for the release of the new Lego sets; it is being called ‘Force Friday’ and at 12:01 AM you’ll be able to purchase all of the new merchandise for The Force Awakens. Novels, comics, apps, ebooks, toys, and Lego’s will all be available starting September 4th. So many hordes of nerds will be stalking the rows of all the stores participating in the midnight merchandise release that they will have to spray down entire buildings to keep them from smelling like Rancor pits.

Hopefully the sets will be worth the high price point Lego is placing on them. I’m sure the old (or new?) Han Solo minifigure will be a tantalizing part of the Millenium Falcon set. There is a chance we will get a look at some of the sets at San Diego Comic Con in July.

Additional Sources: Brickset, Star

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