The ‘All-New, All-Different’ Marvel Comics Line-Up



Marvel Comics recently released two promotional images for their post-Secret Wars line-up of characters. The huge Secret Wars event began last month and will conclude in October. The story focuses on the various different Marvel Universes crashing together, resulting in big changes for all of the well-known characters. Along with the preview images, it was also confirmed that the ‘new’ Marvel universe will launch with new #1 issues for the entire line of comics. The post-Secret Wars relaunch will include 55-60 titles and there will be new creative teams on every book. Each series will begin ‘eight months after’ the conclusion of the Secret Wars.

It’s interesting to note that Agent Coulson, Old Man Logan, and Spider-Gwen all seem to be joining the new singular Marvel universe after being relegated to their own universes prior to the Secret Wars.

Also, Doctor Strange now has an axe.

I’m sure Marvel will be slowly revealing bits and pieces of information leading up to a bigger reveal for the reboot at San Diego Comic-Con. If they have the patience to wait that long.

Source: Comic Book Resources


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