Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians

Art from Ricardo Delgado's new series

Art from Ricardo Delgado’s new series

Age of Reptiles: Ancient Egyptians is the latest installment in Ricardo Delgado’s long-running collection of short stories set in the Mesozoic era. The new series, set in prehistoric Africa and featuring a grumpy Spinosaurus as the principle character, began last week and will continue monthly for four total chapters.

Cover for the first issue of Ancient Egyptians

Cover for the first issue of Ancient Egyptians

Delgado began drawing the Age of Reptiles series in 1993 with Tribal Warfare, which featured a extremely violent series of battles between a pack of Deinonychus’ and a family of Tyrannosaurs. Another story followed in 1997 featuring an Allosaurus avenging its mother under the title The Hunt. Both of these early stories along with The Journey from 2009 can be found in an omnibus collection released by Dark Horse Comics in 2011. In all of these works, Ricardo Delgado continually set new standards for wordless storytelling as well as showing very clearly that dinosaurs don’t need humans or a fantasy background to make their tales interesting.

Interior art

Interior art from the Age of Reptiles short story ‘The Body’

Delgado’s comics have always been jaw-dropping for me and I’ve always found it strange that they have not become more well-known. Age of Reptiles also bears some similarity to Masashi Tanaka’s excellent Gon series as they are both wordless and feature gorgeous art; although Gon isn’t exactly a dinosaur found in the fossil record.

If you are interested in picking up the series, make sure to order it from your local comic book store!

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