Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung’s ‘Snotgirl’

Bryan Lee O’Malley (The creator of the Scott Pilgrim series) and Leslie Hung announced today at Image Expo 2015 that they would be working on a new ongoing monthly comic entitled Snotgirl. Snotgirl is a dark comedy centered around the world of fashion blogging and the main character, Lottie, will have terrible allergies. Leslie Hung will be providing the art for the series and apparently both she and O’Malley also have bad allergies.

The series doesn’t have a release date at the moment and although O’Malley won’t be doing the art for this series, he has mentioned that he is working on another series which he is both writing and drawing, as with his latest work Seconds.

I’m very interested in seeing how O’Malley handles a monthly book but I’m wondering if this story wouldn’t have worked best in his own style, despite Hung’s excellent art. Either way, it’s an interesting concept for a book and I’m looking forward to checking it out, especially since I have awful allergies myself.

Source: USA Today


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