2-Dimensional Champions: The Japan Animator Expo Minisode Series

With season three of Hideaki Anno’s Japan Animator Expo underway, the Champions will be releasing a ‘minisode’ for each new short alongside the normal weekly full-length podcasts. Included in today’s post are the reviews for the second and third shorts of season three. You can listen to the Champions’ review of the first season three Expo short by playing 2-Dimensional Champions Episode 12.

The intro music is “Buster Machine March” by Tanaka Kohei.

In the first minisode, the Champions take a look at the 26th ‘episode’ of the Japan Animator Expo, ‘Comedy Skit 1989‘ by Kazuto Nakazawa. Nakazawa is well-known for his work on Samurai Champloo, so how funny is his tribute to Showa-era comedy? Listen and find out!

In the second Minisode, the Champions take a trip with the 27th Japan Animator Expo short ‘Bubu & Bubulina‘; Directed by Takashi Nakamura. Which of the Champions will be given nightmares by this spooky short film? Listen and discover for yourself!





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