Apeiron the Webcomic

So, there’s this webcomic entitled Apeiron that I began updating on its own website on August 5th of this year. Although I added a link to the series on the sidebar of Teatime I never actually posted about it; so I thought that now was a good time!

For new readers, here is the synopsis of the series from the ‘About’ section of that site:

“In the far future, a girl searches for the truth behind her parents’ disappearance and finds herself in the middle of a grand struggle that will decide humanity’s ultimate fate. As she travels through different lands and worlds, among the the myriad of beings Darshana will encounter are: God-beings who can shape flesh, Demons of the wind who can grant power to those they deem worthy, and humans who viciously fight against a world which has surpassed them.”

It’s been a lot of hard work but also tremendously fun to write and draw this series and I’ve been very much looking forward to people being able to read the series for a long time. As with the 2-Dimensional Champions podcast, I will post here to help get the word out about the series; however, I won’t update Teatime every time there is a new page but rather whenever a new chapter begins (or ends). The tons of posts related to the 2-Dimensional Champions show will also decrease once the podcast gets its own website.

Apeiron updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and with the second chapter just having recently begun, it’s a great time to check out the series for the first time, if you haven’t already!

With all that out of the way, where can you read Apeiron? Well, you can follow the static link on the side-bar of this site or you can just use the links below!

The latest page of the series can be read here!

Start chapter two from the beginning here!

Read all of chapter one here!

The Apeiron website is pretty basic-looking right now but I’ve got plans to make it much cooler in the upcoming months. Also, I should note that Apeiron features some naughty dialogue, mature situations, and quite a lot of violence. You shouldn’t read the series if you aren’t yet 18 years old and if you are, please keep in mind that the series is NSFW.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Apeiron!

Apeiron also features overly-elaborate pipes

Apeiron also features overly-elaborate pipes.


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