New Gamera Film Announced at NYCC 2015

At a panel celebrating Gamera’s 50th Anniversary today at New York Comic Con, a brand new pilot film was shown and then quickly released online. Katsuhito Ishii (Director of The Taste of Tea and writer of Redline) will be directing and writing the new Gamera film and is also doing character design for the new monsters as well as Gamera himself. This is absurdly exciting news and since I had missed the earlier announcement of a Gamera 50th anniversary panel at NYCC this year, I was completely blind-sided by the new pilot film.

Kadokawa had been preparing for a big Gamera announcement for early 2014 to lead into a new film to be released this year, but due to massive shifts within the company itself over the past year, no news arrived of a new Gamera film and I thought the project was dead in the water. Now that Kadokawa seems to have itself in order (you can read about that over at August Ragone’s blog) they are moving forward in producing a new Gamera film.

Although no firm release date was announced today, as the pilot film is being used to gauge excitement, I’m hoping the new Gamera film will arrive in late 2016 or sometime in 2017.

More information to follow as it becomes available!

EDIT: I added the short ‘trailer’ version of the pilot film featured on Kadokawa’s official Gamera 50th Anniversary site.

EDIT 2: The longer video got pulled from YouTube so I deleted it from this post. Seems like the shorter trailer is the only one that has been released ‘officially’.

Sources: Toku Nation Forum, Toho Kingdom


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