Battle Angel Alita Live-Action Film Gets a New Director


For 15 years, James Cameron has been wanting to do a Battle Angel Alita film. Cameron has spoken of his love for the series several times over the years but as he is currently deeply involved in creating a new batch of Avatar sequels, it seemed as though an Alita movie was perhaps another 15 years away. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as it was announced last week that Robert Rodriguez will be directing Battle Angel Alita for 20th Century Fox with Cameron taking the role of producer for the film. Rodriguez is best known for his work on Sin City, Planet Terror, and Machete, There is currently no release date but I’d imagine that, with Rodriguez now on board, Battle Angel Alita should be hitting theaters in the next few years. The Hollywood film adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s long-running manga will also now be entitled ‘Alita: Battle Angel“.

Kishiro is still working hard on the Alita series with a new stage of the manga having just begun earlier this year. Alita is now published by Kodansha in Japan and the entirety of Last Order (the second phase of the series) is now available in the United States. I think the original Battle Angel Alita series is still owned by Viz and those volumes can be a little tricky to find.

If you visit Kishiro’s official english website by following the link below, you can play a cute browser game that he recently created for the series.


Source: Empire Online

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