Shin Godzilla’s New Look Revealed (Updated with Teaser Video)


I hesitated posting this image that I saw floating around the internet before August Ragone confirmed that it is indeed the real deal on his blog. This is our first look at how Godzilla will look in Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s upcoming Shin Godzilla film.

Ragone also revealed on his blog the international title for the this new Godzilla movie: Godzilla Resurgence. There is no word yet on how the new film will be released to international markets but it is clear that Toho is looking for distributors.

I find the new design really disturbing and from everything we’ve heard from Higuchi and Anno on the film; that’s exactly the feel they are going for. I think this new look is going to be even more shocking to fans than when the Godzilla 2000 design was revealed in early 1999.

I’m eagerly anticipating more details and revelations from the new movie, and above all else, I cannot wait to see the new Godzilla in action whenever the first trailer arrives.

UPDATE: Here’s the first teaser trailer for Godzilla Resurgence. Sadly, it’s not nearly as cool as the poster:


Source: Cinema Today

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