New Berserk Anime in 2016 (Updated w/PV)


This week’s issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine will be arriving not only with the newest episode of Kentaro Miura’s ongoing series but also with the announcement of a brand new anime project for the franchise.

A new official site for the new project opened today as well as a new twitter account. The new site comes with the message that more details about the project will be revealed on the 25th. Finally, a promotional video for the new series will debut at Comiket 89, which takes place from December 29th-31st. The little bit of information that we have about this new project is that it will be focusing on Guts as the Black Swordsman as opposed to simply re-telling the Golden Age arc for the third time. Also, NBC Universal will be taking over production duties from Warner Bros., who previously produced and released the Golden Age film trilogy.

Also included in the announcement of the new animated project is that the original 1997 television series will get a new Blu-ray box set release in April.

This announcement arrives nearly three years after the release of Descent, the final film in the Golden Age film trilogy which itself was a retelling of the same section of the story covered in the 1997 television series.

This week’s episode of Berserk also brings us the less exciting news that the series will be going back on hiatus until sometime next summer where it will then return at an ‘irregular schedule’.

UPDATE 1/7/16:

Although there is still no new information pertaining to the staff or even the studio of the new animation project, a promotional video was shown just before the end of 2015 at Comiket. I’ll be posting more information when it becomes available!

Sources: Crunchyroll, Official Berserk Anime Site

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