Berserk TV Anime in July 2016


The official website for the new animated adaptation of Berserk has revealed the recently announced project will be a television anime series to begin airing in July. Although the exact date and time have yet to be given, the new series will air as part of MBS’ Animeism timeslot, which runs on Friday nights. The Animeism block has previously had shows such as Kill la Kill and Knights of Sidonia. My hunch is that the series will probably run for 12-13 episodes.

Although I’ve always hoped that Berserk would get an OVA series similar to Hellsing Ultimate, I think a TV series is the next best thing as the recent Golden Age films covered even less material than what appeared in the 1997 television adaptation.

The next episode of the manga is also planned for release sometime this summer; hopefully the same week as the premiere of this new series.



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