New Berserk 2016 PV and Simulcast News


There has been a bunch of Berserk news over the past few days. Let’s catch you up:

A German news site reported that the new TV series has been licensed by Universal Pictures in Germany and will run for 24 episodes. Here’s the link to the German article. Now this hasn’t been confirmed and this wouldn’t be the first time a German site has gotten Berserk news wrong. I still think that it will be a 12 or 13 episode series based on it airing in July and the time slot it’s in…but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that 24 episodes have been green lighted and that they will just split them up as Polygon Pictures did with Knights of Sidonia. So I’ll make another post when this the episode count gets confirmed in the months ahead.

Crunchyroll has acquired the rights to stream the new Berserk TV series this summer. The launch date and time as well as what territories it will be available in will be announced later. This is awesome news and it means we’ll be able to see new episodes very shortly after they air in Japan.

The official website for the series has updated with the new visual that I’ve posted above as well as comments from some of the staff on the new series such as Susumu Hirasawa, Director Shin Itagaki, and Guts’ voice actor Hiroaki Iwanaga. A new, interesting, addition to the staff is Kentaro Miura (the original creator of Berserk) as ‘story supervisor’. This is very interesting as I think it speaks to his unhappiness with the Golden Age films as well as his excitement to see the Black Swordsman version of Guts finally animated.

The opening for the new TV series will be performed by a band called ‘9mm Parabellum Bullet.’ I don’t have much of an opinion on this other than I hope that it’s a new cover of ‘Tell Me Why’ by the PenPals.

And, finally, the most exciting bit of news: A brand-new promotional video!

So, a couple of thoughts: This looks a whole lot better than the first PV from back in December. I expect that it’ll probably look even better than this as production continues (as it still doesn’t air until July) but, for the most part, this is a CG/2D animation style that I can live with. All that being said, it’s a whopping 38-second PV so it’s hard to say much of anything about how it’ll look and what the series will ultimately adapt from the comics.

The most badass part of the PV though? That new Susumu Hirasawa song. I can’t wait to hear the rest of it but what we do hear is legendary and directly in line with his earlier work for the series. It’s also of interest to note that whereas his two previous Berserk songs (Aria and Sign) had him singing in a made-up language, the new song ‘Ash’ has Japanese lyrics. This hasn’t happened since 1999’s Forces II and Indra so I’m really interested in finding out what Hirasawa has written…


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