Godzilla Resurgence Full Trailer and Teaser

Here it is: the first full trailer for Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s Godzilla Resurgence (Shin Godzilla In Japan). This movie looks incredibly disturbing and will absolutely stand out as the scariest interpretation of the Big G ever. The new movie clearly takes direct inspiration from Godzilla’s look in the original 1954 film and turns up the nightmarish quality of the giant radioactive dinosaur up to 11.

It’s interesting to note that Toho also announced today that the new film will include 328 well-known performers from Japanese cinema in various roles and cameos. It seems as though everyone wanted to be in this movie.

Here’s a shorter cut of the new trailer:


As the Shin Godzilla media storm was starting up, Toho announced a line of merchandise under the title “Godzilla vs. Evangelion“. What originally began as an April Fool’s prank that supposedly revealed a new movie featuring these two franchises ended up being a cool cross-promotion featuring shirts and buttons. The best part of the crossover is this piece of official art by Mahiro Maeda:


This new trailer should satisfy many of the fans I’ve seen online who were getting angry at the lack of advertising for the new film as they are too used to Hollywood-style marketing blitzes. Anno and Higuchi’s new film hits Japanese theaters on July 29th.

Sources: Crunchyroll, The Good, The Bad, and the Godzilla, The official Shin Godzilla website


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