Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Arc Extended Trailer

Starting with last week’s episode 47, Dragon Ball Super re-introduced a legendary character from the original Dragon Ball series: Future Trunks! The new arc shows Trunks travelling back in time to get help from the Z-Fighters when his world is attacked by ‘Goku Black’. The mysterious new enemy is even stronger than Cell (naturally) so Trunks needs some significant back-up.

After the initial excitement that arose with the announcement that we would be getting a new Dragon Ball TV series, many people were quite bummed when Dragon Ball Super decided to just retell the events from the last two films,  Battle of Gods and Ressurection F. After spending many episodes going through those stories, we finally got a new arc in the form of the ‘Universe 6 Tournament’. This arc presented a brand-new story and so far Dragon Ball Super hasn’t stopped there. This new arc with Future Trunks certainly seems to be the most ‘Dragon Ball Z’ flavored story of the new era of Dragon Ball lore. The past two films and much of the new TV series really focused on bringing back the fun and humor of the early parts of the manga rather than the more ‘serious’ stories and battles from the later parts of the comics; although I do feel a little silly referring to any part of Dragon Ball as ‘serious’.

So far, no one has the rights to distribute Dragon Ball Super in North America. Presumably everyone is just following the new series through  Japanese news sites.

Source: Crunchyroll


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