Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2

Now the next few posts will be catching up on some rather old pieces of news that I hadn’t had a chance to get around to talking about yet. Between my twitter account and the podcast I’ve also been a little wary of repeating myself endlessly on a few topics.

Now, the last Star Trek film, Into Darkness, I hated with the passion of a primordial volcano. This newest film certainly went through quite a bit of development drama before being attached to director Justin Lin. The first trailer for Beyond, which premiered around the same time Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theaters, didn’t do much to warm my heart to the prospect of another film set in this alternate timeline. This new trailer however quickly convinced me to pick up a ticket. There are some really superb shots of the Enterprise in this new trailer, my favorite being the quick scene of the ship bending space at about the 25 second mark. That’s probably my favorite warp drive image of all time, if that indeed is warp drive.

So I really, really hope that this movie will be good. I certainly feel a bit more satisfied with this being the 50th anniversary film after this trailer than I was with the sort sequences I had seen before in the earlier teaser.

Also, both the limited-edition poster given out at a fan even last month and the standard theatrical one-sheet are AWESOME:



So, what’s the chance that we’ll get some news about the new TV series at SDCC this year?


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