The Great 2016 Berserk Summer Festival


Over the past several weeks there has been a literal deluge of Berserk news; so I’ve decided to just catch up with it all in one handy post. Before I jump into all of this though a few points: It is really, REALLY strange to be so inundated with Berserk announcements, trailers, and whatever else that it’s actually hard for me to keep up with all the new click-bait. I’ve been a fan of the series for just long enough to have been looking forward to the PS2 game back in 2004. Back then we only had one sub-par anime adaptation to complain about as some of us would wistfully dream of some sort of divine project that would not only beautifully animate the ‘No.1 Dark Fantasy Comic’ but also properly show non-manga readers just how much of the story they were missing out on.

Fast forward to June 2016 and take a look at the newest trailer for the upcoming TV series:

It’s a CG wonderland, isn’t it? and based on the new key visual at the top of this article, it’s confirmed that the new TV series will be making a brave attempt at adapting the ‘Binding Chain’ and ‘Birth Ceremony’ chapters of the Conviction arc. One of the broadcasters for the new series also revealed the episode titles for the first five episodes. What did we learn? Despite whatever meager traces of story that may be shown in the first episode, this new TV adaptation will be entirely skipping over the ‘Black Swordsman’ arc as well as the ‘Lost Children’ chapter of the Conviction arc. This should make anyone familiar with the original story go blind with rage. I do admit that I am morbidly curious to see how they will have Guts captured by Farnese and her forces if Guts wasn’t previously beaten to a pulp by Rosine. I’m also interested in seeing how they will get some of the more interesting elements of the Birth Ceremony chapter on TV.

I’ll be ranting much more about all of this after the series starts airing on a future episode of the 2D Champions Podcast.


Meanwhile, and most importantly, it was announced that Kentaro Miura will be coming back from hiatus with a new episode of Berserk in the June 24th issue of Hakusensha’s Young Animal magazine. Subsequent episodes will also be published monthly for the time being. This is similar to when the series came back from hiatus last year and ran monthly for about 6 episodes. Volume 38 of the manga will also be released next week on June 24th. This new volume will have a new cover design which will be included on all future re-publications of older volumes of the series. Volume 1 is even being re-published with a brand-new cover image by Miura.


And finally, a new Berserk video game has been announced at E3 this year. ‘Berserk Musou’ will begin with the Golden Age arc but will also include characters and stories from later in the series; although it has not been made clear how much of the whole story the new game will be covering. It also seems that it will be getting a North American release on both the PS4 and Steam. I think a Dynasty Warriors-style Berserk game could be really badass and it’s been way too long since the franchise has had video game tie-in. There is a teaser video for the new game but I actually found it to be really distasteful so you can check it out on your own. More information on the new game is coming soon, I’m sure.

It’s a really interesting time to be a Berserk fan and I’m still very excited to see so much buzz around the series. The new anime really doesn’t look very promising right now but I’m still hoping it will have it’s good points. Most importantly, the manga is coming back for at least a few months, and with Guts and company finally on Elf Island, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Sources: Crunchyroll (1,2, 3), MoCa


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