Berserk Musou PV and Screenshots


The official website for the upcoming PS4/PS3/PS Vita Berserk video not only put up a new promotional video but also some screenshots that give us our best look at the game yet. The game is set to be released in Japan on September 21st. It’s been generally assumed that an international and North American release is also being prepared for early 2017.



Based on some recent interviews and the screenshots on the official site, the new game will be covering material from the Golden Age arc to the Millenium Falcon Arc. So far we haven’t seen anything past what was covered in the 2004 PS2 game but it would be really cool to be able to fight Ganishka as Griffith/Femto or the Sea God as Guts. I’m also really looking forward to cutting through countless more trolls as they are by far my favorite type of cannon fodder for Guts to decimate.

Griffith is an obvious choice for another playable character besides Guts but it also seems that Schierke and Caska will be playable as well. It would be fun to see a Puck mini-game or the option to play as Zodd in some way.



There is also a variety of retailer exclusives based on where one can buy the game in Japan. There are a bunch of different things you can get but the primary incentives seem to be based around variant outfits for either Caska or Schierke.

You can visit the official site by clicking here and through the power of Google translate you can get a good idea of the different bonus items are. Since there hasn’t been any clear details on what the North American release will be like I have no idea what will ultimately get into that version of the game. I’m sure there will be some way to get the different character skins at least.

I really hope the game turns out well but so far it looks quite promising!


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