2D Champions Episode 62: Berserk 2016 (Last Impressions)

In their greatest struggle yet, the Champions fight their way through episodes 2-12 of the 2016 Berserk anime to bring you a review of the most divisive manga adaptation of the year. Is it the worst thing ever? Can we actually find something good to say about it? Whether you love it or hate it, if you’re a fan of Berserk, you’re going to want to listen. Do not avert your gaze!

You can listen to our previous episode on Berserk 2016 by following this link:
2dimensionalchampions – Episode-47-berserk-2016-first-impressions

You can watch all of Berserk on Crunchyroll! Check it out here:

And, most importantly, support the official release of Kentaro Miura’s epic manga masterpiece through purchasing the original books:


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