2D Champions Episode 65: Alderamin On The Sky (Second Half)

A light novel adaptation that DOESN’T feature a nerdy dude waking up in a MMO-inspired fantasy world? And it’s surprisingly engaging? The Champions head to the front lines to bring you a review of episodes 6-13 of ‘Alderamin On The Sky’; with animation production by Madhouse and based on the light novel series by Sanbasou and Bokuto Uno. After a strong set of introductory episodes, how does the rest of ‘Alderamin on the Sky’ play out with the Champions? Listen and find out!

You can watch all of ‘Alderamin On The Sky’ here:

And with today’s episode, the 2D Champions podcast is going on hiatus! Thank you for supporting the show so far and keep up with our twitter account if you want to know as soon as we do when the next episode is scheduled.


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