Star Trek 2012 Ships of the Line Calendar

Half-way through 2011 we come to that always welcome announcement of another Star Trek Ships of the Line calendar. Featuring all new art from some of the best starship artists around, this calendar is always a welcome sight for those who require ample nacelles to guide them through their year.

I’ll be posting a few images here but for those who want more information and images of the calendar please head on over to the original post on Trekmovie!

Godzilla Returns in 2012

In the middle of my posting about Godzilla film trailers, Legendary Pictures has just announced today that it has acquired the rights to the Godzilla series and is planning on releasing a new film in America featuring the character in 2012 with the distribution being handled by Warner Bros. Now, when thinking about an American Godzilla film, the first image that comes to mind is Roland Emmerich’s terrible 1998 ‘Zilla film. Apart from just being a terrible monster film, the story, as well as the entire design and character of the monster left alot to be desired and was just a flat-out insult to the fans. It even lacked the campy fun that permeates even the best entries in the series. The head executive of Legendary Pictures has stated that he intends to ‘do justice’ to the the essential elements of the character that has made Godzilla a pop-culture presence since 1954. Legendary Pictures also commented that they plan on announcing the director of the project shortly.

As of right now, I am cautiously optimistic about the project. There are alot of very cool things that could happen in a Godzilla film with a Hollywood-sized budget….and they’ve tried once and completely screwed it up…so hopefully they’ve learned from their mistakes.