Alien: Covenant Trailer 2 & Prologue

Okay, now we’re talking. The movie could still be a hot mess but goddamn does the new alien look amazing in action. It’s amazing what one awesome trailer will do to get me completely sucked into the hype tornado again.

All these dudes are gonna be eaten. I can’t wait.


Alien: Covenant Poster


It’s like Ridley Scott and Fox really want me to forget that this is the sequel to Prometheus for some reason.

I do like how the alien here reminds me of the ‘ol chap from Alien 3, which is an excellent take on the monster before it became a sludgy mass of poop-drool in Alien: Resurrection.

Could be good but they’ve gotta work hard to impress me after Prometheus.

Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ (Updated)

Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver on the set of 'Alien'


Twentieth Century Fox officially announced today that Ridley Scott’s upcoming science fiction film will not be a prequel to the Alien film series but rather a brand new story that has grown out of the initial ideas for an Alien reboot.

The new project will be entitled Prometheus and will star Noomi Rapace who played Lisbeth Salander in the swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  Rapace will play the lead character who is named ‘Elizabeth Shaw’.

This is quite a drastic change in the production as Twentieth Century Fox has been unofficially calling Scott’s new science fiction film the ‘Alien prequel’ all the way through pre-production so far until today.

Prometheus will indeed be a science fiction film but rather than being another installment of the Alien franchise it will be something the ‘last thing that anyone expects’.  Here’s a quote from Damon Lindelof who is co-writing the script for the film with Scott:

“In a world flooded with prequels, sequels and reboots, I was incredibly struck by just how original Ridley’s vision was for this movie. It’s daring, visceral and hopefully, the last thing anyone expects.”

Here is a quote from Ridley Scott himself on the project:

 “While Alien was indeed the jumping off point for this project, out of the creative process evolved a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place. The keen fan will recognize strands of Alien‘s DNA, so to speak, but the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative. I couldn’t be more pleased to have found the singular tale I’d been searching for, and finally return to this genre that’s so close to my heart.”

Overall this sounds very interesting and I am very much looking forward to new announcements surrounding the project. Although I am dissapointed that it will not be a continuation of the Alien series I am still glad to see Ridley Scott working on his first science fiction film since Blade Runner.

Update 1/27/11: Actor Michael Fassbender has joined the project as one of the primary characters. Fassbender will be playing an andriod alongside Noomi Rapace’s character Elizabeth Shaw. Ridley Scott also hinted that he has some sort of connection to the Bishop android in Aliens.

Just a day after this announcement several sources in the production are claiming that Prometheus is indeed part of the Alien series despite the official announcements made by Twentieth Century Fox and Ridley Scott that it was a new project entirely. Here are the reports posted on from their ‘inside sources’:

“They’ve built the ‘space jockey’ cockpit at Pinewood as seen in the original Alien film, so it definitely takes place in the same world as Alien.” 
“Despite that press release that seemed to indicate there were no aliens in the movie, the familiar HR Giger-style aliens do appear. Big ones apparently.”

“Part of the film will be shot in Morocco. I’ve heard that some sort of archaeological dig where they discover alien DNA takes place there and that DNA gives them the coordinates for an alien world. I’ve also heard Morocco is being used for alien planet landscapes so I’m not sure if it’s an archaeological dig on another planet.”

“The main spaceship in the film will be piloted by an enormous head which I assume will be CGI. Yep, sounds weird but I assume some of the technology will be sort of biomechanical.”

Whether or not H.R. Giger’s aliens are in the film or not it is clear that Ridley Scott is having a lot of fun. It also makes sense to me that Scott wishes to promote the film as a new project rather than just ‘Alien 5‘ as there are already many sequels, prequels, and remakes filling up the film schedule of 2012.

Sadly, the one official word we have gotten from Twentieth Century Fox about Prometheus aside from the casting of Michael Fassbender is that the release date has been pushed back to June 8, 2012.

Own Some Alien Stompers

Do you remember Ripley’s awesome Reebok sneakers from Aliens? You don’t? Either way, you can own a pair of them for yourself this fall.

Reebok is re-releasing the ‘Alien Stomper’ tennis shoe in two different styles this September after a extremely brief release back in 1983 when the James Cameron’s sequel was first shown in theaters.

The bad news? It looks as though they will be on sale primarily in Japan and will go for $125. Of course, there are no laces on these babies, only velcro. They’re from the future remember?

Order them here?

The other style is posted below.

New Alien Anthology Blu-ray Box Info

The gigantic Blu-ray box set for the Alien film series is being released here in the States on October 26th. Pictured above is the look of ‘The Guardian’ collector’s edition packaging featuring an Alien hugging an egg. Personally, I think they could have done alot better design than what we are getting. The non-collector’s edition box is just a normal looking box set with a nice profile shot of a Warrior Alien on the cover. The collector’s edition set doesn’t include anything special except for the fact that it comes in a diorama-box that will be sure to look super awkward anywhere in your home. Despite this, I’m still a sucker for limited editions so I am still tempted by its egg-hugging goodness.

Here are the specifics of what’s being included on this set (From Twitch). Be careful, this is a truly massive list of extras:

Disc One: Alien 

1979 Theatrical Version 

2003 Director’s Cut with Ridley Scott Introduction 

Audio commentaries: 

Director Ridley Scott, writer Dan O’Bannon, executive producer Ronald Shusett, editor Terry Rawlings, and actors Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton and John Hurt 

Ridley Scott (on theatrical cut only) 

Final theatrical isolated score by Jerry Goldsmith 

Composer’s original isolated score by Jerry Goldsmith 

Deleted and extended scenes 

MU-TH-UR Mode interactive experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream 

Disc Two: Aliens 


1986 Theatrical Version 

1991 Special Edition with James Cameron introduction 

Audio commentary by director James Cameron, producer Gale Anne Hurd, alien effects creator Stan Winston, visual effects supervisors Robert Skotak and Dennis Skotak, miniature effects supervisor Pat McClung, and actors Michael Biehn, Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen, Jenette Goldstein, Carrie Henn and Christopher Henn 

Final theatrical isolated score by James Horner 

Composer’s original isolated score by James Horner 

Deleted and extended scenes 

MU-TH-UR Mode interactive experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream 

Disc Three: Alien3 

1992 Theatrical Version 

2003 Special Edition (Restored Workprint Version) 

Audio commentary by cinematographer Alex Thomson, B.S.C., editor Terry Rawlings, alien effects designers Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr., visual effects producer Richard Edlund, A.S.C., and actors Paul McGann and Lance Henriksen 

Final theatrical isolated score by Elliot Goldenthal 

Deleted and extended scenes 

MU-TH-UR Mode interactive experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream 

Disc Four: Alien Resurrection 


1997 Theatrical Version 

2003 Special Edition with Jean-Pierre Jeunet introduction 

Audio commentary by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet, editor Herve Schneid, A.C.E., alien effects creators Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff, Jr., visual effects supervisor Pitof, conceptual artist Sylvain Despretz, and actors Ron Perlman, Dominique Pinon and Leland Orser 

Final theatrical isolated score by John Frizzell 

Deleted and extended scenes 

MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive Experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream 

Disc Five: Making the Anthology 

The Beast Within: Making Alien 

Star Beast: Developing the Story 

The Visualists: Direction and Design 

Truckers in Space: Casting 

Fear of the Unknown: Shepperton Studios, 1978 

The Darkest Reaches: Nostromo and Alien Planet 

The Eighth Passenger: Creature Design 

Future Tense: Editing and Music 

Outward Bound: Visual Effects 

A Nightmare Fulfilled: Reaction to the Film 

Enhancement Pods 

Superior Firepower: Making Aliens 

57 Years Later: Continuing the Story 

Building Better Worlds: From Concept to Construction 

Preparing for Battle: Casting and Characterization 

This Time It’s War: Pinewood Studios, 1985 

The Risk Always Lives: Weapons and Action 

Bug Hunt: Creature Design 

Beauty and the Bitch: Power Loader vs. Queen Alien 

Two Orphans: Sigourney Weaver and Carrie Henn 

The Final Countdown: Music, Editing and Sound 

The Power of Real Tech: Visual Effects 

Aliens Unleashed: Reaction to the Film 

Enhancement Pods 

Wreckage and Rage: Making Alien3 

Development Hell: Concluding the Story 

Tales of the Wooden Planet: Vincent Ward’s Vision 

Stasis Interrupted: David Fincher’s Vision 

Xeno-Erotic: H.R. Giger’s Redesign 

The Color of Blood: Pinewood Studios, 1991 

Adaptive Organism: Creature Design 

The Downward Spiral: Creative Differences 

Where the Sun Burns Cold: Fox Studios, L.A. 1992 

Optical Fury: Visual Effects 

Requiem for a Scream: Music, Editing and Sound 

Post-Mortem: Reaction to the Film 

Enhancement Pods 

One Step Beyond: Making Alien Resurrection 

From the Ashes: Reviving the Story 

French Twist: Direction and Design 

Under the Skin: Casting and Characterization 

Death from Below: Fox Studios, Los Angeles, 1996 

In the Zone: The Basketball Scene 

Unnatural Mutation: Creature Design 

Genetic Composition: Music 

Virtual Aliens: Computer Generated Imagery 

A Matter of Scale: Miniature Photography 

Critical Juncture: Reaction to the Film 

Enhancement Pods 

MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive Experience to Access and Control Enhancement Pods 

Disc Six: The Anthology Archives 



First Draft Screenplay by Dan O’Bannon 

Ridleygrams: Original Thumbnails and Notes 

Storyboard Archive 

The Art of Alien: Conceptual Art Portfolio 

Sigourney Weaver Screen Tests with Select Director Commentary 

Cast Portrait Gallery 


The Chestbuster: Multi-Angle Sequence with Commentary 

Video Graphics Gallery 

Production Image Galleries 

Continuity Polaroids 

The Sets of Alien 

H.R. Giger’s Workshop Gallery 

Post-Production and Aftermath 

Additional Deleted Scenes 

Image & Poster Galleries 

Experience in Terror 

Special Collector’s Edition LaserDisc Archive 

The Alien Legacy 

American Cinematheque: Ridley Scott Q&A 

Trailers & TV Spots 



Original Treatment by James Cameron 

Pre-Visualizations: Multi-Angle Videomatics with Commentary 

Storyboard Archive 

The Art of Aliens: Image Galleries 

Cast Portrait Gallery 


Production Image Galleries 

Continuity Polaroids 

Weapons and Vehicles 

Stan Winston’s Workshop 

Colonial Marine Helmet Cameras 

Video Graphics Gallery 

Weyland-Yutani Inquest: Nostromo Dossiers 

Post-Production and Aftermath 

Deleted Scene: Burke Cocooned 

Deleted Scene Montage 

Image Galleries 

Special Collector’s Edition LaserDisc Archive 

Main Title Exploration 

Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright 

Trailers & TV Spots 



Storyboard Archive 

The Art of Arceon 

The Art of Fiorina 


Furnace Construction: Time-Lapse Sequence 

EEV Bioscan: Multi-Angle Vignette with Commentary 

Production Image Galleries 

A.D.I.’s Workshop 

Post-Production and Aftermath 

Visual Effects Gallery 

Special Shoot: Promotional Photo Archive 

Alien3 Advance Featurette 

The Making of Alien3 Promotional Featurette 

Trailers & TV Spots 

Alien Resurrection 


First Draft Screenplay by Joss Whedon 

Test Footage: A.D.I. Creature Shop with Commentary 

Test Footage: Costumes, Hair and Makeup 

Pre-Visualizations: Multi-Angle Rehearsals 

Storyboard Archive 

The Marc Caro Portfolio: Character Designs 

The Art of Resurrection: Image Galleries 


Production Image Galleries 

A.D.I.’s Workshop 

Post-Production and Aftermath 

Visual Effects Gallery 

Special Shoot: Promotional Photo Archive 

HBO First Look: The Making of Alien Resurrection 

Alien Resurrection Promotional Featurette 

Trailers & TV Spots 


Two Versions of Alien Evolution 

The Alien Saga 

Patches and Logos Gallery 

Aliens 3D Attraction Scripts and Gallery 

Aliens in the Basement: The Bob Burns Collection 


Dark Horse Cover Gallery 

Patches and Logos Gallery 

MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive Experience

Yup. All of this on six Blu-ray discs which will set you back $97.99 if you pre-order it right now off of Also notice that those horrid Alien vs. Predator films aren’t being included in this set. Wise choice by 20th Century Fox.

Aliens Attack Norway

Around 7 AM on December 9th over the skies of Norway, this pretty insane-looking ‘light spiral’ was witnessed by thousands of people over the course of several minutes. After the spiral vanished, a glow remained in the sky for several hours afterward. Although I initially just thought it was the result of someone with alot of time having fun with Photoshop or AfterEffects, it seems as though that there were dozens of different witness accounts — so many in fact that it seems that this was indeed a ‘real’ event. Although the Norwegian, Swedish, and Russian governments have all claimed that they did not launch any rockets or missiles, many scientists are claiming that this phenomena was the result of technical problems during a high-altitude rocket test from Russia. Personally, I think that it’s something else entirely with nothing to do with the technical difficulties faced by Russian technology in space, because, well, isn’t it always the Russians? I’m going for the international conspiracy angle on this.