2D Champions Podcast Episode 93: Blade of the Immortal (2017)

The Champions take a stab at reviewing Takashi Miike’s live-action adaptation of Hiroaki Samura’s legendary revenge comic, Blade of the Immortal. Miike is well-known for films such as 13 Assassins and Ichi the Killer, and is not one to shy away from disturbing violence. So, hypothetically, Miike seems to be the perfect pick for bringing Manji and Rin’s battles to the big screen. Does Miike succeed in making the Champions beg for more? Or are they cut down by a disappointing take on a beloved series? Listen and find out!

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You can also check out Samura’s original manga here:


2D Champions Episode 80: Your Name

The champions celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the podcast with an in-depth discussion of one of the greatest films, animated or otherwise, to come out in the past 121 years. Makoto Shinkai’s most recent grand slam hit arrived in Japanese theaters in 2016 and was finally given a wide release in the United States in April 2017.

The champions give you a full account of how awesome ‘Your Name’ is as well as a rundown of some of their top scenes and most tear-gushing moments. How much did we cry? Listen and find out!

You can find North American updates for the theatrical run and home video release of ‘Your Name’ here:

We’d like to thank all of our listeners over the past two years for joining us in our discussions of all the stuff that makes anime mean so much to us, and we hope you’ll continue tuning in to 2D Champions!

Blade of the Immortal Live-Action Trailer

Kimura seems to be a good choice for Manji. Otherwise, the jury is still out. I hope that it at least has the fun and excellent choreography of the Rurouni Kenshin films even if it doesn’t end up being a faithful adaptation of Hiroaki Samura’s legendary manga. I was certainly surprised to see Manji and Anotsu facing off against each other at the end of the trailer. I guess they are only planning for this to be a one-film adaptation. I do love samurai film trailers that make it a point to advertise a fight between one (or seven) people fighting hundreds of enemies.