2D Champions Podcast Episode 94: Inuyashiki – Last Hero –

From the wild mind of Hiroya Oku, the creator of Gantz, comes Inuyashiki, the tale of the most badass old dude saving people this side of Tokyo. The Champions review the first five episodes of the TV animation adaptation of Oku’s work by MAPPA and the director of Gantz:0. Does Inuyashiki leave the Champions desperate for cyborg alien bodies of their own? Or does it leave us wishing for a discounted subscription to AARP? Listen and find out!

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2D Champions Episode 75: Gantz: 0

Gravity guns, skin-tight battle suits, aliens, and a black sphere that can troll you just as easily as it can resurrect you. This all describes a trip to the local DMV but it also names just a few of the things one encounters when traversing the wacky world of GANTZ.

Based on the immensely popular manga by Hiroya Oku, Gantz: 0 is a full CGI retelling of one of the more popular arcs in Oku’s story. This new film hopes to bring new recruits to the franchise but also tries to please long-time fans as well. Does it succeed? Or are the Champions left to do battle with yet another half-hearted adaptation of a popular seinen manga series? Listen and find out!

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Dark Horse Comics Announces ‘I Am a Hero’ and ‘Giganto Maxia’

Kengo Hanazawa's I Am a Hero

Kengo Hanazawa’s I Am a Hero

A little over a week ago at the Anime Central convention in Chicago, Dark Horse Comics announced that they had licensed Kengo Hanazawa’s zombie horror manga I Am a Hero, and Kentaro Miura’s recent science fiction manga Giganto Maxia.

I Am a Hero began in 2009 and is currently ongoing in Japan at 17 volumes. It depicts the story of a mentally disturbed manga artist who has his daily life interuppted by a zombie apocalypse. Hanazawa’s artwork is stunning and his depictions of the principle character’s neurosis and the horde of the undead make for terrifying reading. I have been a fan of Charlie Adlard’s and Robert Kirkman’s long-running series The Walking Dead for a number of years, and for me, I Am a Hero is the only other zombie comic I’ve found to be more horrifying. Dark Horse is planning to release I Am a Hero in a special two-in-one edition starting in April 2016.

Kentaro Miura's Giganto Maxia

Kentaro Miura’s Giganto Maxia

A few months before I Am a Hero, Dark Horse will be releasing Kentaro Miura’s latest series Giganto Maxia in February 2016. While on hiatus from Berserk, Miura created a one-volume science fiction manga that left me wishing he could draw two full series at once. Like his other work, Giganto Maxia is full of fun creatures and some incredible battles. The reader is given a small look into a world that is 100 million years into our future and I hope that one day Miura gets the chance to write more of this series, despite how satisfying the single volume is.

With Dark Horse recently completing Hiroaki Samura’s Blade of the Immortal and coming up to the end of Gantz, it is nice to see them pick up some more interesting titles, especially ones that I have been waiting to have published stateside for a long time.

Source: Dark Horse Comics

First Live Action Gantz ‘Trailer’

The first footage from the new live-action Gantz film project was shown recently on a Japanese news/entertainment program. The project is being split up into two films, both of which are set to be released in 2011. I was actually suprised to see any footage released this early — as you can tell from the clip that didn’t even have a proper trailer ready as it just seems to be an assortment of scenes that had more or less completed special effects. At least one of the aliens from early in the manga series is present and there seems to be quite a bit of footage that I don’t recognize as being from the comic books at all. Perhaps I’m not a good judge of that though as I haven’t caught up with the manga in several years…so after doing a little more research it seems that most of the footage in the trailer is in the manga although from much later story arcs. Although I haven’t really liked any live action Japanese film in the last few years, I’m hoping that at the very least this will be a fun film.