2D Champions Episode 66: Drifters

Have you ever found yourself wishing to see a New Caledonian Owlet-Nightjar? Penis gourds? If so, you can learn where you can go to see these remarkable natural wonders by listening to this episode of the 2D Champions podcast in our new bird-watching segment.

Later on in this episode the Champions review the TV Anime ‘Drifters’; the latest animated adaptation of a manga by the creator of Hellsing, Kouta Hirano. Does Drifters succeed in winning the Champions over? Or does it just make them lose their heads? Listen and find out!

You can watch all of Drifters here:

You can support the North American release of the original manga here:

Read Crunchyroll’s excellent article series on the inspirations behind Drifters’ characters here:


With this episode the Champions have returned from hiatus! Next week we’ll be reviewing the first five episodes of Keijo!!!!!!!

Drifters Anime Licensed by Funimation

Funimation recently announced that they have acquired the streaming and home video rights to the new TV anime adaptation of Kouta Hirano’s Drifters manga. Hirano’s follow up to Hellsing has been running since 2009 and much of the same staff from the Hellsing OVA series are returning to adapt Drifters for television. The first two episodes of the new series came bundled with the latest volume of the manga in Japan; but those of us who didn’t get to pick that up will have to wait until they air this October.

Funimation will begin streaming Drifters soon after it begins airing in Japan this fall and to get people hyped about the new series, they have posted a 6-minute teaser for the series on Youtube.

I’ve been a big fan of Hirano’s work for a long time and the staff that created the Hellsing OVA series was a perfect choice for animating Hirano’s work. The six-minute teaser for Drifters looks great and I can’t wait to check out the rest of the show when it airs!

Drifters Anime Trailer

The first trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of Kouta Hirano’s Drifters manga has been released online. This new promotional video also reveals the staff working on the project. The director, Kenichi Suzuki, previously directed Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders and Ryouji Nakamori will be the chief animation director as well as character designer. Nakamori previously worked on the Hellsing Ultimate OVA series and was able to perfectly adapt Hirano’s designs for that adaptation of his earlier work. There is no word yet on the format the Drifters anime will take but I am hoping for an OVA series due to that perhaps giving us a chance at seeing the whole story eventually animated. Even though I know it may be quite a while before Hirano completes the series.

Source: Crunchyroll

Drifters Anime Announced

Kouta Hirano's Drifters

Kouta Hirano’s Drifters

After completing Hellsing, author Kouta Hirano began work a new manga entitled Drifters in Young King Ours magazine in the spring of 2009. The Hellsing Ultimate OVA series was still running at this time and Drifters, in the years following, has become quite popular in its own right. Bundled with the long-awaited tenth and final episode of Hellsing Ultimate in 2012 was a short promotional video for an animated adaptation of Drifters. Three years later, the Rondo Robe production company has recently announced that an anime of Drifters is finally in full production.

Drifters currently stands at four released volumes in Japan, with Hirano releasing chapters monthly in Young King Ours. The series is published in the USA by Dark Horse Comics. Currently, Rondo Robe has offered no more information about the animated adaptation other than that it is in production.

Here is Dark Horse Comics’ synopsis of the series:

First he pitted the Catholic church against vampires, Nazis and Great Britain, bathing London in a flood of blood. But Hellsing creator, Kohta Hirano still had something crazy up his sleeve when he created his new series, Drifters

Imagine a world of magic, full of elves and hobbits and dragons and orcs. Inside this world of magic and wonder there is a great war being waged, using warriors from human history as chess pieces in a bloody, endless battle. Hirano’s new concept gathers famous warriors throughout history and puts them on both sides of good and evil, and then turned them loose in a bloody melee of madness.

Anime Announcement Image

Anime Announcement Image

The Hellsing Ultimate OVA series was one of those rare anime adaptations that not only brought the original comic panels to life but also told the entirety of the story as well. Hopefully, the same staff that worked on that series is brought back to work on Drifters.

Sources: Crunchyroll News, Drifters Official Site

Hellsing OVA 9 Release Date & North American Release News

Episode nine of the Hellsing OVA series will be released in Japan on February 15th 2012. The collector’s edition of the episode also contains another bonus animated short which will most likely be the second ‘episode’ of The Dawn flashback story. The runtime is listed as 45 minutes on amazon.jp and will feature an ending theme sung by Kurosaki Maon.

As exciting as it is to see the OVA series nearly complete in Japan, it is perhaps even nicer news for those in North America that Funimation has finally begun production on their own release of the series. After having announced the license in 2010, there was no word until just last week when and how Funimation would be releasing the Hellsing OVA. Funimation also announced that it has bought the rights to the recently released 8th episode and will begin releasing the series in 2012. For those who enjoy the dub, Funimation also stated that the entire original english vocal cast will be returning to episodes 5-8 after Geneon USA released the first four OVA episodes here in the states on DVD several years ago.

It’s nice to see Hellsing finally getting some attention here in the west and I’m very excited to see how the final books of Kouta Hirano’s original manga will be adapted for the screen.

Hellsing OVA 8 Final Trailer

With its July 27th release date in Japan looming ever closer, Geneon has just recently uploaded a f0ur-minute look into the 8th volume of the Hellsing OVA series. This episode focuses primarily on Anderson’s and Alucard’s final battle — which also marks the beginning of the final ‘season’ of this animated adaptation which will conclude with episode ten.

Hellsing OVA 8 Release Date Announced (Updated)

The most recent issue of Young King OURS magazine has revealed that the 8th episode of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA series will be released on June 22nd. This is the first episode of the ‘final season’ of the OVA series which includes episodes 8 through 10. It is unclear whether or not these last few episodes will also cover Kouta Hirano’s prequel manga Hellsing The Dawn or not.

The 7th episode of the series was released back in December 2009. It’s been a long wait.

From Moetron.


Update on 6/21/11: The upcoming 8th episode of the OVA series has been delayed again. The new release date is now July 27th. It has also been announced that there will be a bonus ‘petit anime’ extra; meaning that there will be a short bonus animation featuring ‘chibi’ versions of the primary characters.

I am also included the newly released cover images for the normal and collector’s editions of episode VIII below.