‘The Ancient Magus’ Bride’ TV Anime Announced


With the apparent popularity of the ongoing 3-part prequel OVA, Wit Studio recently announced that they will be producing a new TV series adapting Kore Yamazaki’s original manga. Crunchyroll got in on the announcement by stating that they have the rights to simulcast the new TV series and that, not only will it premiere this October, but that it is being produced as a 2-cour anime. Crunchyroll jumping on the streaming rights for The Ancient Magus’ Bride TV anime makes sense as they already had been releasing the OVA series on their site as new episodes were released in Japan.

Kore Yamazaki’s fantasy manga has been a great deal of fun for me to read and Seven Seas Entertainment has been doing a good job translating and bringing over the manga stateside. I’m really looking forward to the TV adaptation and it seems my anticipation for it will be well-founded based on the job that Wit Studio has done so far with the OVA series. I’ll update later in the year on this story when a PV for the new series has been released.


Old News but Good News: Little Witch Academia TV Anime Trailer & Info (Updated w/2nd PV)


So while the 2D Champions podcast is on hiatus I figured I would get back to updating the non-podcast stuff that this blog occasionally covers. First up: the trailer and broadcast information for Studio Trigger’s upcoming TV anime of Little Witch Academia.

The new series begins it’s broadcast in January 2017. Interestingly, it seems to be a prequel as it shows Atsuko first arriving at the academy despite featuring characters from the  Enchanted Parade OVA. It’ll be cool to see if this new series is a remixed story akin to Dragon Ball Super’s use of the films Battle of Gods and Resurrection F or if it will feature an entirely new take on Atsuko’s early days at school.

Either way, the animation is beautiful and it’ll be great to see what kinds of trouble the girls get into now.

International streaming details are yet to be announced but I have a feeling that this’ll end up on Crunchyroll.

Source: Crunchyroll

11/30/2016 Update:

And here’s the second PV!