New Noitamina Anime Announced

Fractale is a new original television anime that will be airing in January 2011 on the popular Noitamina programming block in Japan. The new show will be directed by Yutaka Yamamoto (of Haruhi Suzumiya fame) and will be animated by A-1 Pictures along with Yamamoto’s Studio Ordet which just recently worked on the Black Rock Shooter OVA.

Here is the story synopsis from ANN:

The story is set on an island at the far reaches of a continent where the “Fractale System” is on the brink of collapse. A boy named Kurain embarks on a journey to search for Furyune — a girl who disappeared, leaving behind only a pendant. Kurain will eventually learn the secrets of the “System.”

The Noitamina block has been quite popular in Japan for some time now and it’s programming is now being streamed live by Funimation for American audiences starting with House of Five Leaves and The Tatami Galaxy this past spring. Fractale shows potential and after a quite bland summer season this year I’m looking forward to a more interesting selection of shows this fall and winter.

New Black Rock Shooter Trailer

This is what the earlier screencaps were from. This trailer was premiered at Anime Expo a few weeks ago as well as the Japan Expo in France a short time ago. This looks totally awesome even though I have no idea what the story will be about.

The ‘Original Animation DVD’ project will also be streamed online for free later this month.

Black Rock Shooter OVA Information

The animated adaptation of Huke’s character Black Rock Shooter is still set to be released as a single-episode Original Video Animation which will run about 50 minutes long but it has been delayed by one month. The OVA will be bundled together (for free) with the Japanese magazines Monthly Hobby Japan, Megami, and Animedia.

Instead of shipping on June 25th, the Black Rock Shooter OVA will instead ship on July 24th. The anime will also be streamed for free online.

Also, the voice actresses for the two main leads have also been announced. Kana Hanazawa will play Mato Kuroi (Black Rock Shooter) and Miyuki Sawashiro will play Yomi Takanashi (Dead Master). I still wanted this to be a full-fledged TV anime but I will also happly take a really well done OVA.

Evangelion Under the Bridge

I’m not entirely sure of the context of this video, but it seems as though sometime over the weekend a number of new releases were advertised in a very eccentric manner under the name ‘Art Under the Bridge’. Namely, large posters of each new release were placed underneath a series of bridges along the Shinmachi river in Tokushima. A number of new works were advertised in this way, including several shows to be aired in the upcoming summer and fall seasons in Japan, but it was Evangelion and Black Rock Shooter which stood out the most to me. The ‘under the bridge’ poster for Evangelion was the most recent in the series of ‘sketch’ promotional posters that have been released for the film since it opened in theaters last June. This time the focus of the image was upon Shinji and Rei’s ’embrace’ scene found at the end of the film. The Black Rock Shooter poster featured the title character as well as the lead antagonist, ‘Dead Master’, as well as some small screenshots of the upcoming work. The Black Rock Shooter anime project is apparently going to be released for free online and through a few different magazines such as Animage and Megami during a longer promotional event later this summer.

A few more pictures of this event are shown at the Gigazine website (in Japanese: