Alien: Covenant Trailer 2 & Prologue

Okay, now we’re talking. The movie could still be a hot mess but goddamn does the new alien look amazing in action. It’s amazing what one awesome trailer will do to get me completely sucked into the hype tornado again.

All these dudes are gonna be eaten. I can’t wait.


Alien: Covenant Teaser Trailer

Yeah, yeah, I know this is over a month old at this point but I finally decided to write a little bit about the best look we’ve gotten so far at Ridley Scott’s newest attempt to drain any remaining life out of the Alien franchise.

WARNING: Only watch the trailer if you don’t really give a shit about spoilers. Really. This trailer gives away a lot.

The only thing really hidden in the trailer are the monsters themselves (apart from the facehugger). The ad runs as a giant “THIS IS WHAT YOU GUYS WANTED, RIGHT?!” from Ridley to all the fans of the franchise that were disappointed/gutted by 2012’s Prometheus.

I could go on forever about the story and how I thought Prometheus was terrible and that prequels are just a terrible idea but we shall instead focus on what Ridley has always been phenomenal at: his visuals.

The film looks gorgeous. From the set design, to the choice of lighting and shots. It looks properly scary and vast at the same time. I haven’t cared about spoilers for the film as the real enjoyment for me will come from actually seeing what’s on the screen. I’ve been hearing cool things about how the effects team actualized the monsters in the film so I was pleased that most  of all that was hidden in this teaser. The back-buster scene has caused a lot of buzz among the members of the press who saw a preview of the sequence so I’m certainly looking forward to that. Since the story will almost certainly be rubbish, the fun that remains will be in seeing how these monsters (chief among them being the Big Chap) will be realized with modern special effects.

I can’t resist commenting a bit more on the story for the film. It does seem that David is being set-up as the creator of the Alien. This would be tremendously dumb for a dozen different reasons. I feel strongly that if we have to see how the Aliens were created, the creator of this supreme life form should be female, not Michael Fassbender’s android character. This makes narrative sense to me. The aliens themselves are designed with intense gendered imagery in mind and the one who ultimately stops them in the series is a woman. We’ll find out in May if David is truly revealed to have such an important role in the saga.

Another interesting thought that I came across while reading hundreds of comments and articles on Covenant is that now that it appears that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5 is pretty much dead in the water, one wonders if these movies are intended to set up an eventual showdown between David and Ripley. That may be a bit too far-fetched. A bit more likely is that, if Covenant is a big hit, this will lead to Fox trying out Alien Vs. Predator again as they try to create a bigger cinematic universe akin to Marvel and DC’s films. Again, I can’t help but think that there is a creative black hole when it comes to ideas for what to do with the Alien franchise. Retcons. Prequels. AVP. Doesn’t anyone have any decent ideas for what to do with Giger’s amazing monster? No? At this point the only person who I think could write a new Alien story with anything truly twisted and new in it is Clive Barker.

I’ll rant some more when the next trailer for the film appears.

Alien: Covenant Poster


It’s like Ridley Scott and Fox really want me to forget that this is the sequel to Prometheus for some reason.

I do like how the alien here reminds me of the ‘ol chap from Alien 3, which is an excellent take on the monster before it became a sludgy mass of poop-drool in Alien: Resurrection.

Could be good but they’ve gotta work hard to impress me after Prometheus.

Own Some Alien Stompers

Do you remember Ripley’s awesome Reebok sneakers from Aliens? You don’t? Either way, you can own a pair of them for yourself this fall.

Reebok is re-releasing the ‘Alien Stomper’ tennis shoe in two different styles this September after a extremely brief release back in 1983 when the James Cameron’s sequel was first shown in theaters.

The bad news? It looks as though they will be on sale primarily in Japan and will go for $125. Of course, there are no laces on these babies, only velcro. They’re from the future remember?

Order them here?

The other style is posted below.

Alien Anthology Blu-ray Information

20th Century Fox is releasing the four primary Alien films remastered on Blu-Ray later this year. The collection will be called the ‘Alien Anthology’ and it will not feature the two terrible Alien vs. Predator films. The new collection will include many hours of new extras that will go far beyond what was included in thebonus material of the ‘Alien Quadrilogy’ DVD boxset that was released in 2004. Aside from a variety of new featurettes, the most exciting announcement for me has to be the news that the extended edition of Alien 3 is getting its audio issues fixed. Since a ‘director’s cut’ doesn’t exist for Alien 3 (due to director David Fincher not wanting to have anything else to do with the project) the people at Fox decided to release workprint footage that had been cut from the original release of the film to create an ‘extended edition’.

The problem with this is that certain scenes weren’t actually finished in post production so entire segments of dialogue had to have a subtitle track go along with it just to understand what the actors are saying. This new Blu-ray release of Alien 3 apparently fixes this problem due to some of the actors returning to re-record their dialogue. the release date for the box set is rumored to be Christmas of this year and there will of course be a few different versions of the release including a collector’s edition which will have the box set contained in an Alien egg. Very, very cool. Early design pictures of the anthology set are included below. Personally, as cool as the special edition looks, I really hope that it contains the white Alien Queen cover of the Blu-ray box because that cover picture is just simply awesome.

Ridley Scott Reveals ‘Alien’ Prequel Details

Ridley Scott was interviewed this week by MTV and revealed some interesting pieces of information about the film. He is currently working through the fourth draft of the film and it is set in the year 2085, which places it about 30 years before the first ‘Alien’ film from 1979. Scott also commented that although Sigourney Weaver won’t appear in the film (which makes sense — Ripley wouldn’t have even been born yet) the film will still feature a woman as the main character. Ridley Scott then comments that, as rumors suggested, the film would indeed explain the mystery behind the ‘Space Jockey’ that appeared in the first film. Prior to the Alien eggs being discovered, the away team finds the remains of another creature which had also been killed by a chestbuster…or so it seemed. This new film will reveal the what the Space Jockey truly is. Perhaps most interesting is Scott’s comments on the design of the creatures themselves: ” The alien in a sense, as a shape, is worn out”. I agree with his comments.

The design of the creature worked wonderfully for the original four films and has become an icon of both science fiction and horror films and has had nearly as many action figures as Godzilla. However, we all know and instantly recognize the creature now. We’ve watched the films dozens of times. The only people unfamiliar with it are the few people who have perhaps heard of the films but have never seen them….which, to me, is just unbelievable. Scott then comments that when the film gets closer to being ready for pre-production he will be talking with the original designer H.R. Giger to possibly come up with something completely different that no one has seen before….”I have to design — or redesign — earlier versions of what these elements are that led to the thing you finally see in “Alien,” which is the thing that catapults out of the egg, the face-hugger”. Scott ends the interview by saying that he hopes to have the film released in late 2011 or sometime in 2012. Ridley Scott has a new film arriving this summer, ‘Robin Hood’, which is sadly being totally overshadowed due to his announcement of returning to the Alien franchise.

You can read the full interview for yourself here:

The video posted above is the original trailer for the first ‘Alien’ film from 1979.

Japanese Alien vs. Predator Requiem Posters





















 ‘Alien vs. Predator:Requiem’ is not only the worst film in the Alien and Predator franchises but I also firmly feel that it is the worst movie ever made. This is for any number of reasons. The fact that the lighting in the film is so terrible you could just barely see the action (even on the big screen). Acting that is so impossibly atrocious that you can’t possibly feel anything at all for any of the characters. Or that it blatantly rips off some of the best scenes from the earlier movies and makes them terrible. I could, and have, (sadly) spent hours ripping this film apart.  However, I also feel that the one good thing to arise out of the whole schlocky mess that is the two ‘Alien vs. Predator’ films are these posters for the Japanese release of ‘Alien vs. Predator: Requiem’ from 2007. The first poster is just totally awesome and the second poster makes the film seems like a Godzilla movie just with smaller monsters. If only the film that these posters were advertising was half as good as they made it seem to be.